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HND in Art & Design (Interactive Media Production)

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The HND in Art & Design: Interactive Media Production is a modern program that joins together abilities, knowledge and skills in Graphic Design and Illustration with its adaptation to the new interactive basis. Students will obtain all the skills needed in order to be well prepared in areas such as: Corporate Identity, Editorial Design and Illustration; Web Design, Interactive Applications for all kinds of devices, Typography, Synthesis Image, Video production, Audiovisual Graphic and 2D/ 3D Animation.

The learning process is very dynamic and is based on the coexistence of modular courses, back-up subjects and core workshops. Students will study modules of total immersion regarding different disciplines with the help of some other subjects that will cooperate in this immersion. This way, our students will focus their attention on a single field, by working in a workshop system. Each module is run by a professional of high standing, who in turn works with other qualified professionals providing different styles and views within the learning process.

The first year is focused on accumulating knowledge, the second year on converting this knowledge into skills and finally, in the last year a professional project will be done, together with internships in this area, all these leading to an acquisition of the necessary skills so that our students will be able to work in this Industry.

At the end of the program, students may choose to study an extra year in one of the British Universities, this way they will obtain a Bachelor´s Degree.

Curriculum Graphic Design  2.0 / HND in Art & Design: Interactive Media Production

1st Year

Compulsory modules:

  •   Photography 1
  •   Editorial Design: Illustration 1
  •   Graphic Design 1
  •   Interactive Design 1

Back-up subjects:

(There are informative and back-up subjects to compulsory modules)

  •   Digital Culture
  •   2D/ 3D Synthesis Image
  •   Digital Treatment of Image 1
  •   Graphic

*Conferences and Workshops

2nd Year


  •   Editorial Design: Illustration 2
  •   Graphic Design 2
  •   Publishing Graphic
  •   Typography

Optional modules (have to select 3):

  •   Photography 2
  •   Sound Digital Treatment
  •   Video production
  •   Professional Illustration
  •   2D/ 3D Animation
  •   Interactive Design 2

Core subjects:

(Subjects that will be studied during the whole year as workshop)

  •   2D/ 3D Synthesis Image

*Conferences and Workshops

3rd Year


  •   New Visual Media
  •   Professional Practice:

– Portfolio

– Internship

– Legislation

Final Project:

  •   Preproduction workshop
  •   Production & Technology Workshop
  •   Evaluation and Implementation

*Conferences and Workshops

(*) Conferences and Workshops will be scheduled quarterly.

(*) Optional modules will only be taught with a minimum of students demand.

(*) Each module represents subjects with a total of 70hrs workload, been taught intensively as a monograph.


Professional opportunities

  •   Editorial Design and Layout for: magazines, newspapers and other publications
  •   Corporate Identity
  •   Environment Signage and Graphics
  •   Web Design and Multimedia
  •   Advertising and Audiovisual Means
  •   Packaging
  •   Animation and Drawing
  •   3D Animation, Design and Modeling
  •   Photography/ Photo Editing
  •   Lighting and Visual Arts
  •   Freelance
  •   Art Management
  •   Communication Studies
  •   Advertising Agencies
  •   Audiovisual Producers
  •   Graphic Application Developer for mobile devices
  •   Interactive Interface Developer such as: educational, advertising, therapeutic, health
  •   Expert in Interactive Publishing Design
  •   On-line Publication Management
  •   Expert in Digital Marketing
  •   Expert in Interactive Installations

Direct entry

  •   BUP, FP2, FP medio (middle grade of vocational training)
  •   1st scientific baccalaureate
  •   2nd scientific baccalaureate LOGSE, PAU 25 years old
  •   Foreign studies that equals the Spanish baccalaureate
  •   CFGS or CFGM – with an overcome CFGS qualifying exam

Ability Test

  • Students over 18 years old have two options: have an interview with our admittance department, where a review of their personal project will be carried out or, by submitting a reference letter.

    If you have already done any university studies related to our HNDs, do not hesitate to ask us about the possibility of subject validation.

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