Technological innovation for the society

ESAT Lab is led by Solimán López, a media artist and also founder of the Harddiskmuseum. In collaboration with highly qualified professionals, ESAT Lab focuses on giving valuable projects to the society, based on the new technologies and the cultural changes that were caused by the digital revolution.

What does ESAT Lab develop?

Designed as a space for research and experimentation, the ESAT artistic laboratory focuses all its work on areas such as: communication, contemporary art, museology, performing arts, medicine, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the culture, the society, in addition to the relationship between “man-code-machine”.

Who is behind?

Highly qualified professionals in: art, communication, electronics, engineering and programming. Among the projects, it is worth mentioning the Harddiskmuseum, File Genesis, CELESTE, Bioma, In the Mind of the Artist, La Otra Mirada, Low Tech in Communications and File Cabin.

Video ThumbnailCelesteDigital art landscape from real time sky capture project. Solimán López with: Technical assistance: Toni Vaca Graphic programming: José Luis Hidalgo Web programming: José Luis Jiménez
Video ThumbnailBioma Artwork DocumentationBioma is an sculpture that works as an interface for creating new digital profiles thanks to the capture of your voice and image in real time. Results can be downloaded in Bioma es una escultura que funciona como interfaz para recopilar datos del entorno expositivo y sus visitantes activos. Gracias a un sensor de sonido que recoge los sonidos del espectador, la pieza reacciona y se autoactiva para, junto con un escaneado visual de la imagen del usuario que se encuentra en frente, crear abstracciones digitales. Con un claro referente a la estética de los perfiles de redes sociales en su forma circular, estas abstracciones son presentadas también en forma circular y en tiempo real en la url: donde el espectador puede ver el resultado de su abstracción y la de los demás participantes de la obra. El visitante puede ver cómo la pieza ha generado de manera autónoma una nueva identidad digital. Estas identidades son únicas y pueden ser recuperadas gracias a un código también único que la obra expende en forma de ticket, que sirve como referencia para acudir a la web y como depósito y documento de esta nueva identidad. El usuario puede descargar este archivo en el momento que lo desee.
Video ThumbnailFile Genesis by Solimán LópezDigital art Show in Centre de Cultura Contemporánea el Carmen in Valencia, supported by ESAT, powered by ASUS thanks to Consorci de Museos and ETOPIA Zaragoza. Technological assistance: Toni Vaca. Electronic: Santiago Collado. Programming: José Luís Hidalgo.
Video ThumbnailREPSAT//Rosetta VersionVideo documentation for the Repsat//Rosetta Version art instalation.
Video ThumbnailLangpath by Solimán LópezLANGPATH is an interactive and cinetic sculpture that is exchanging digital files of motion capture from servers in the north hemisphere and in the south hemisphere, and in real time. The artwork was produced for the Biennial of Digital Art FAD, Brazil. Produced in collaboration with the Subdirección General de Cooperación y Promoción Internacional de la Cultura de España, en ESAT LAB, ESAT, by Solimán López.
Video ThumbnailWaterfly Effect by Solimán LópezVideo installation ready for a live performance. An iPad is used as an interface for manipulating a shader representing a digital fluid. An ocean. Gestures are mapped for creating the sound and digital shape changing in real time, thanks to the connection between a sensor and the custom software.
Video ThumbnailSyngamy by Solimán LópezLight interface made of led strings, that are in random movement, thanks to four pan tilts motors. When the motors moves in the same rotation data, then we achieve the "syngamy" and a virtual body is created. Meanwhile, the system is looking for that coincidence when the spectator is in front of the interface.
Video ThumbnailLimbology by Solimán LópezA beacon is launched to the stratosphere to track the data path and the moment of the lost signal, trying to find the limits of the technology. With the obtained data, a 3D model analyse all the coordenates to translate it to a neon led light installation, with 36 points of reference to simulate the real path traced by the beacon in the sky.
Video ThumbnailSkinning by Solimán LópezSkinning by Solimán López - youtube Video
Video ThumbnailHigh Meshes by Solimán LópezHigh Meshes by Solimán López - youtube Video

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