Technological innovation for the society

ESAT Lab is led by Solimán López, a media artist and also founder of the Harddiskmuseum. In collaboration with highly qualified professionals, ESAT Lab focuses on giving valuable projects to the society, based on the new technologies and the cultural changes that were caused by the digital revolution.

What does ESAT Lab develop?

Designed as a space for research and experimentation, the ESAT artistic laboratory focuses all its work on areas such as: communication, contemporary art, museology, performing arts, medicine, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the culture, the society, in addition to the relationship between “man-code-machine”.

Who is behind?

Highly qualified professionals in: art, communication, electronics, engineering and programming. Among the projects, it is worth mentioning the Harddiskmuseum, File Genesis, CELESTE, Bioma, In the Mind of the Artist, La Otra Mirada, Low Tech in Communications and File Cabin.

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