The current website is of an informative nature and its contents are permanently updated. The website does not represent a method, channel or support for counseling to providing services on any of the areas specified on it, for all these users may need to contact ESAT.

Ownership of the website

ESCOLA SUPERIOR D’ART I TECNOLOGIA, S.L.L. (hereinafter ESAT), with CIF nº B-97659544 and registered office in Valencia, Calle Viciana, nº5, CP 46003, registered in the Trade Registry of Valencia, volume 8306, book 5597, of the General Section, Sheet 188, page V108872 is the owner of the website hosted at the following address (hereinafter ‘the web’), made available to its users for informative purposes such as: its corporate identity, activities, products, services, curriculums, disciplines, courses and qualifications and, offering teachers and students various consulting and communication tools with reference to their studies, in the private area and of a restricted access.

Terms of use

General issues

  • ESAT, via its website, provides general information about its corporate identity, activities, products, services, curriculums, disciplines, courses and qualifications (hereinafter “the information”). On the other hand, it offers teachers and students particular information and different consulting or communication tools regarding their studies.
  • The information provided on this website is intended to be in force when published, ensuring that is permanently updated, accurate and, always trying to avoid errors, by correcting them as soon as they are detected. Even so, ESAT cannot guarantee the lack of errors on its website, nor that the information content is continually updated.
  • ESAT may, at any time and without prior notice, carry out any change, suppression or updating of the layout, settings, access, use , functions or location of its website, as well as the content, information and conditions on the same.
  • ESAT is doing its utmost to provide clear, understandable and proper information, as well to avoid errors, as far as possible and, when necessary, to correct or update them.
  • The access to this website and the use of information, contents, services and utilities are under users’ full responsibility. ESAT will not be liable for any damage that may arise from the above-mentioned facts, nor can guarantee that the access to its website or to its utilities cannot be affected or, that the content or software is free of errors.
  • The information given, as a reply to any inquiry or request, is merely informative about its activities, services, study curriculums, disciplines, courses or qualifications and, under no circumstances, it will be binding for ESAT, either for purchasing, reservation, or registration of any courses or studies provided at/by ESAT, unless otherwise stated.
  • The contents on this website can be downloaded into the users device only for private use and without any commercial purpose, it cannot be subject to exploitation, reproduction, modification, distribution, public communication, assignment or transformation, unless express and specific authorization.

General terms and conditions of this website

  • The following general terms and conditions regulate the access and the use of this website, which ESAT makes freely available to its students and users. By accessing this website implies complete acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will be equally applied to activities of providing information, either promotional, which are carried out on this website, therefore, the above-mentioned terms and conditions will govern the access, browsing and use of the website.
  • The access, browsing and/or use of any utility or service of this website implies full and unreserved acceptance of the present general terms and conditions by our users, as well as the full acceptance of the particular general terms and conditions, which may complement, modify or replace the general terms and conditions with reference to certain services, hardware or features of the website and, when necessary, of the general purchasing terms and conditions established for purchasing goods and services, of the particular terms and conditions, established when purchasing goods or services. Therefore, if the user does not agree with any of the established terms and conditions, must avoid both accessing and using this website, as well as all the utilities that are available on this website at any time.
  • ESAT reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, at any time, as well as any other general or particular terms and conditions, code of use, instructions or notices. ESAT reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or leave the website inoperative, at any time.
  • The terms and conditions of accessing and using this website are ruled by the principles of legality and good faith, committing the user to use this website, as well as the information or services provided on it, always in compliance with the Law, the moral code, the good customs and the public order.
    1. ESAT, via its website, offers information to all its users about its corporate identity, activities, products, services, curriculums, disciplines, courses and qualifications, as well as the access to different contents, tools, information (hereinafter “the contents”), made available by ESAT for its users, students and teachers and, sometimes by third parties contents suppliers.
    2. Terms and conditions of access and use. User requirements. The access and use of this website is only allowed to people of legal age, ESAT will not be liable if users, when filling out a form, may have introduced false or wrong information, being so under their full responsibility or, of their legal representatives. ESAT reminds to all its users of legal age, who are in charge of a minor, that it will be under their total responsibility to choose which service and/or contents may be more suitable for the latter. ESAT informs that there are computer programs which allow blocking or filtering the access to certain contents and services.
      The access and use of this website. Users assume and accept that, by accessing and using this website and/or its contents it will be under their only and exclusive responsibility. The access to this website and/or to its contents will not represent any type of guarantee concerning the web suitability and/or its contents for personal or specific ends. ESAT may establish restrictions and/or additional conditions for the use and/or access of this website and/or its contents which must be definitely checked by its users. User undertakes to make a correct use of the access codes to the restricted areas of this website and/or other related services, being so the only responsible for their safety and confidentiality and, having also the obligation and exclusive responsibility to keeping them in a safe place in order to prevent an unauthorized access by third parties. User also agrees to report, as soon as possible, any incident that may represent a risk for any data privacy.
      Authorized use of the website and of its contents. User undertakes to make an appropriate use of this website and of its contents, in accordance with the current legislation, the current general terms and conditions of using this website, the moral codes and the commonly accepted customs and the public order. User should definitely avoid: a) Making an unauthorized or fraudulent use of this website and/or of its contents; b) Accessing or trying to access restricted areas on this website, without fulfilling the conditions required of the mentioned access; c) Using this website and/or its contents for purposes that are illegal, contrary to the established in the current general terms and conditions, to good faith and public order, which may be detrimental for the interests and rights of third parties or, that it may damage, disable or overload this website, its image or its business activity or, it may block the normal use of this website, being equally forbidden its use for purposes, other than those for which it was allowed; d) Causing damages into the hardware or logical systems belonging to ESAT, to its suppliers or third parties: e) Introducing or spreading viruses into the network or into any other physical or logical systems, which may harm the hardware or logical systems belonging to ESAT, its suppliers or third parties; f) Trying to access, use and/or manipulate the information which might belong to ESAT, third parties suppliers or other users.; g) Reproducing and copying, distributing, allowing public access via any means of public communication, transforming or modifying the contents, unless having an authorization from the holder of the corresponding rights or, if it turns out to be legally permitted; h) Deleting, hiding or manipulating the legends or information regarding the intellectual or industrial property rights and any other information concerning the rights of ESAT or, of third parties included into the contents, as well the technical protection devices or any other information mechanism that may be included in these contents; i) Obtaining and trying to obtain the contents by any means or procedures, other than those, depending on the case, that were provided for this reason or were definitely indicated on the website where the contents are placed on, or, in general, of those which are normally used on the internet and are not considered a risk for harming the website and/or its contents. ESAT reserves the right to deny at any time and without prior notice, the access on the website to those users who do not fulfill the general or particular terms and conditions, stated in this document.
      User obligations. User undertakes to fulfill all these general terms and conditions, with any changes that may proceed in the future and which are going to be published immediately on this website and, consequently inserted in this section, as well as the particular terms and conditions that may be needed to be applied. User also undertakes to fulfill the special warnings or instructions of use included therein or on the website and, to act always in accordance with the law, good faith, the moral code and good manners, employing the appropriate diligence, abstaining from using the website, its utilities or contents so it may stunt, make difficult, damage the normal functioning of the website, its image, goods or rights of ESAT, suppliers, clients, students, teachers, users or third parties. User undertakes not to carry out any advertising, promotional or commercial activities via/through the website or it contents, as well as avoiding to use its contents or utilities, with special emphasis on the information obtained on this website, for advertising ends or sending messages for direct marketing purposes or for any other commercial purpose or, to collect and store personal data belonging to third parties. For these purposes and for any other communication needed between the user and ESAT, or any other requests, questions, suggestions or complaints, user may contact the user support by forwarding an email at: or, by using the following postal address: Calle Viciana nº5, CP 46001, Valencia. Any information that ESAT may forward to its users, will be done by using the postal or electronic addresses, previously provided when registering. User definitely accepts the email as a valid notifying mean or channel, for any information in relation to the website, its use, utilities and contents, as well as receiving promotional contents about its activities, products, services, curriculums, disciplines, courses or studies provided by ESAT, organized or not by it, as well the ones provided by other entities related to it.
    3. Modifying and cancelling the services. ESAT may, at any time and without prior notice, and when necessary, change the structure, layout and presentation of the website, as well as modifying, updating or canceling services, contents and the conditions of access and/or use of this website. Regarding the email services provided to students and users, ESAT reserves the right to cancel the above-mentioned service, at any time, with a prior notification of 30 calendar days, from the moment it was notified.
    4. Industrial and intellectual property rights. The website, the programs and the contents are protected by industrial and intellectual property laws, Spanish laws, EU laws or International treaties. All intellectual property rights are reserved concerning the application and associated hardware tools. User undertakes and accepts that, all industrial and intellectual rights regarding the contents and/or any other elements included on this website (including without limitation, brands, logos, trade names, other distinctive signs, texts, images, graphics, icons, photos, sounds, databases, software, flowcharts, layout, programming elements, web design, audio and video), completely belong to ESAT, its suppliers, partners and/or to third parties holders of the same ones who have previously authorized their inclusion on this website. It is definitely forbidden the reproduction, either partial or total, distribution, marketing or transformation of any of the contents on this website, without a prior written authorization from ESAT. Under no circumstances, the access to this website will imply any kind of rights resignation, transmission, license or full transfer, either partial or total, nor any right expectation, unless expressly established to do it. These general terms and conditions of using the website do not confer users any other rights of public usage, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or communication of the website and/or its contents mentioned here. Any other use or the exploitation of any rights will be subject to an express and prior authorization given by ESAT or third party holders of the mentioned rights. ESAT authorizes users to use, watch, print, partially download and store the contents and/or the elements included on the website as long as it matches this website aims, to be done in order to obtain the information included only for personal or private use-it is definitely prohibited, among other things, its use for commercial purposes, especially for its distribution, public communication, transformation or decompiling, as well as for the achievement of any practice or act of imitation or unethical competition-, to conserve its integrity to be neither modified, nor transformed-it is definitely forbidden, among other things, that all graphics, distinctive signs, icons, logos or images made available on this website, to be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or from the rest of the images that may join it-, and, definitely, always when the origin and/or author of the same ones is indicated, the copyright sign and/or the notes of the owner industrial property must be indicated. The use of such elements, the reproduction, communication and/or distribution with commercial or lucrative ends, as well its modification, alteration or decompiling is strictly forbidden. For any use, other than those expressly allowed, it will be necessary to obtain a prior written authorization from the holder of the mentioned rights. ESAT owns the industrial property rights regarding its brands, names and commercials, products and services. With reference to all products and services offered by third parties, ESAT recognizes in favor of its holders, their corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights, their simple mention or presence on the website does not imply that ESAT has any right or responsibility on them, nor the support, sponsorship or suggestion by ESAT, unless specifically stated. In addition, with reference to the contents included on this website, belonging to third parties, which may contain information, texts, graphics, sound, photo, images, audio-visual and multimedia documents, it is strictly forbidden their reproduction, distribution or modification-unless an authorization from its legal holders, being legally admitted or expressly stated on the website- and their use for purposes, other than those allowed, commercial or advertising. The unauthorized use of the information on this website, its reselling, as well as any infringement of the intellectual or industrial property rights of ESAT or, of its market image, will definitely lead to legal responsibilities that may proceed before any competent organism or court, either national or international.
    5. Links to this website. Users who would like to establish a hyperlink, link or connection between their website and this website (hereinafter “the link”), must fulfill the following requirements: a) The link will only allow the access to the website, but it will not reproduce it, in any way; b) Deep links are definitely prohibited; c) Any practice such as framing, border environment and any other use of contents from this website or of ESAT´ corporate image, both in favor of users or unauthorized third parties, are definitely prohibited; d) There will not be realized any false or inaccurate declarations or indications with reference to this website; e) It is completely forbidden to make believe that ESAT has assumed or supervised any of the contents or services offered or advertised on the website where the link was established; f) The website, where the link will be established on, will not contain any brand, trade name, establishment label, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs which may belong to ESAT, or third parties, unless a prior authorization; g) The website on which the link is established, will not contain any illegal contents or information, contrary to the moral code and the general accepted customs and to the public order or, contrary to any rights of third parties. The link establishment does not imply the existence of any relation between ESAT and the owner of the website on which the mentioned link is located, nor does imply the acceptance and/or approval by ESAT of all its contents or services. Under no circumstances, ESAT will be responsible for the consequences that may arise from the inclusion of links by third parties, nor of the content, information and/or services that may be offered on the website where the link have been previously established on.
    6. Links to websites managed by third parties. This website includes links to other websites, which are managed and controlled by third parties and, that it may be of our users’ interests. These links are intended to help users in order to search on the Internet, for any type of information, contents and specific services. ESAT neither commercializes, nor manages, nor employs a previously control, nor makes its own the contents, services or information available on such websites. ESAT does not assume any responsibility derived from the connections or the contents of those links.
    7. Use of cookies. ESAT reserves the right to use the so called “cookies” or similar file, for any type of usage of this website. User accepts that ESAT or its service suppliers may use cookies, while the user is browsing the website. User may set up his web browser in order to be notified and reject the installation of the cookies sent, without restricting him the access to those contents which do not require any identification.
    8. Safety. ESAT, being conscious of the risks that may arise by facing the new challenges when supplying services, or the use of applications and communications tools via the network, especially the Internet, has implemented stringent security measures in order to reduce the above mentioned risks. However, ESAT cannot fully guarantee the invulnerability of its security systems, therefore it excludes any liability for damages of any kind or nature, that may be caused by viruses or other elements and that it may produce alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), terminals, files and electronic documents either belonging to users or any third party, with special emphasis to those which occur in the services provided by third parties, through the application,. The user is informed that the use of any electronic systems for data transmission, email and sending messages to mobile devices via technological systems, do not offer any security guarantees. The user and ESAT mutually exempt each other from any responsibility that may arise from the non reception or delay of the same, the error or any communication interference. The access to the application and associated hardware, as well the unauthorized usage of the information itself and of its contents, it is totally under the responsibility of the person who is doing it. ESAT is not liable for any damage that may arise from the above–mentioned access or usage. Users are informed that the server where the website is hosted on, property of ESAT, it is physically located in the school facilities, in Valencia (Spain) and it is under strictly physical and logical security measures.
    9. Exclusion of guarantees and liability. Exclusion of guarantees and of responsibility for the functioning of the website and information requested services. ESAT does not guarantee the availability and continuity of this website functioning or, of those websites that the link has been established with. Furthermore, ESAT will not be, in any case, responsible for any damages that may arise, with purely informative value, from: a) The lack of availability or accessibility to the website or to other sites that the link was established with; b) The breakdown of the website operation or computer system failure, telephone breakdowns, disconnections, delays or blockages that may be caused by deficiencies or overloads of telephone lines, Internet systems or, of any other electronic systems produced when operating; c) The lack of website suitability for users specific needs; d) Other damages that might be caused by third parties through interferences or no authorized interferences beyond ESAT´ control; e) The inability to provide the service or to allow the access or use for reasons not attributable to ESAT, due either to user, third parties or force majeure; f) The lack of a continuous updating of its contents and the divergences that it may contain the information, documentation and contents of the website, of its layout, graphical representation and visualization of the printed version. In order to reduce the risk of viruses, ESAT uses virus detection programs to may control all the contents included on the website. However, ESAT does not guarantee the lack of viruses or of any other elements on its website that may be introduced by third parties, unrelated to ESAT, and which may cause alterations in the users´ logical or physical systems or, to other files or electronic documents stored into the users´ system. Therefore, ESAT will not be responsible for any damages that may arise from the presence of viruses or other elements and which may affect the physical or logical systems, electronic documents or files, which may belong to user. ESAT implements various security measures to protect the website and its contents against any possible computer attacks. However, ESAT cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties may not have access to how the user employs the website or the conditions, characteristics or circumstances in which the above-mentioned use is realized. Therefore, ESAT will not be, in any case, responsible for damages that may result from such unauthorized access. ESAT is not responsible for any failure that may occur into communications or network, does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the functioning regarding the application, associated tools and services, therefore, ESAT, does not guarantee the non-existence of interruptions or errors when accessing the application, its associated tools, utilities or contents, neither a continuous updating. ESAT will carry out, whenever it will be of its competence and there will be no causes to make it difficult, and as soon as it will be notified of such errors, disconnections or lack of updates, all the tasks aimed to correct the above-mentioned errors, restore the communication and update the tool.
      Exclusion of guarantees and liability for the use of the website, applications and/or related services. ESAT, in general, does not control the use that users may employ to the website and its applications. ESAT will not be responsible, under no circumstances, of the use that users and/or third parties could make to the website, its contents, applications or related services, neither of the damages that may arise from the same.
      Exclusion of guarantees and liability regarding the contents. ESAT does not edit the contents that third parties may publish on the website, therefore, does not guarantee, nor will it be responsible of the legality, reliability, utility, veracity, accuracy, completeness and/or actuality of any of the contents above-mentioned. ESAT will not be responsible for any damages that may arise from: a) The lack of legality, reliability, utility, veracity, accuracy, completeness and/or actuality of the contents belonging to third parties; b) The unsuitability for any purpose and the deceit in the expectations regarding the contents; c) Actions and decisions taken or avoided by the user, by trusting in the information or provided details regarding the contents, including with no limits, the loss of benefits and business opportunities.
      Exclusion of guarantees and responsibilities regarding the links. The website makes available to users technical linking devices, directories and searching tools which allow users to access WebPages and/or websites belonging to and/or managed by third parties. ESAT verifies the existing content on the above-mentioned WebPages, in the moment when the link is established to them, considering that those contents comply with the applicable law. ESAT, under no circumstances, will be liable, accepts, nor owns the products, services, contents, information, data, files or any type of material from those websites and does not control, approve or owns the future modifications of such materials. When necessary or being required by judicial or administrative request, ESAT will remove the links to those WebPages that infringe the applicable legislation and/or may injure third party´ rights. ESAT decline any liability for damages of any kind and nature that may arise from the lack of availability or uninterrupted continuity regarding the service functioning, due to causes beyond its control, of the profit loss or expected utility that ESAT or its users could have attributed to the utilities or services, or the fallibility of all this.
    10. Actions in case of non fulfillment. ESAT reserves the right to exercise all actions required, in accordance to the current and applicable law, at any moment and in any case that may proceed, in order to demand the responsibilities that may derive from the breach of any of the dispositions of these general terms and conditions of using the website and/or services by the user.
    11. Integrity. A declaration of nullity, invalidity or non-effectiveness of any of these general terms and conditions shall not affect the validity or efficacy of the other terms and conditions, which shall continue to be binding between the parties. The resignation by any of the parties to demand, in a particular moment, the fulfillment of any general terms and conditions, mentioned here, neither will imply a general resignation to the fulfillment of other term/s and condition/s, nor will create an acquired right by the other party.
    12. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction. The present general terms and conditions will be governed, construed and enforced in accordance to the Spanish Laws. For the resolution of any dispute that may arise from accessing and using this website, the user and ESAT submit expressly, waiving their right to any other jurisdiction, to the Courts of the city of Valencia.