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The HND in Videogames Programming is a full studies program, focused on training both professional developers and experts in technology, who will be working in the Videogames Industry. This program gives our students the opportunity to join up the last year of an Honours Bachelor Degree in British Universities, or to be part of a development team for videogames producers. The studies are divided into 3 academic years.

The first year represents an intensive course concerning Information Technology, whose purpose is to serve as an introduction to the most advanced technological subjects that will be studied in the following courses. The second and third year are entirely formed of subjects in relation to videogames development: production areas (such as project management and teamwork), videogames art (as 3D modeling and texturing), game design and programming, with special emphasis on the latter which is focused on graphics programming or hardware architecture and low-level programming.

All subjects are taught by professional experts in the Videogames Industry or Technological Investigation. In addition, each academic year relies on a school load dedicated to improving the technical, spoken and written English of our students, as well as preparing them to be able to accomplish English technical presentations and public speaking. Those students interested in learning Japanese, can also sign up for Japanese subjects to get familiar with the language and Japanese culture, which is well known to have a great influence in the industry and publication of Videogames. Students belonging to the third year must successfully complete a Videogame Project in order to graduate.

This project will be done together with students from the HND of Computer Game Animation. Students from both courses will form mixed teams and will be supervised by an instructor of the Videogames Industry, who acts as a mentor for each one of the teams and will guide them in order to obtain a high standard game developed by them.


Curriculum Videogames Programming / HND in Videogames Programming

1st Year

  •  Programming Methodology and Algorithms
  •  Introduction to Gaming Engines
  •  Database I
  •  Computer Architecture
  •  Web Programming
  •  Videogame History
  •  Computational Geometry of a Videogame
  •  Operating Systems
  •  English I
  •  Japanese I(optional

2nd Year

  •  Advanced Programming and Graphical Programming
  •  Videogames Design. Level Design
  •  2D/ 3D Design Applied to Videogame
  •  Network Videogame Programming
  •  Specific Videogame Programming
  •  Physics for Videogames
  •  Advanced Database – Oracle
  •  English II
  •  Japanese II (optional)

3rd Year 

  •  Low-Level Programming
  •  Graphic Engines Programming
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Artificial Intelligence and Sound
  •  Legislation
  •  High Level Programming
  •  Videogames Engines III
  •  Seminars: Android, IOS, Gamification, NLK Engine
  •  Final Project
  •  English III
  •  Japanese III (optional)

The Videogames Industry is an exciting sector. It represents the entertainment industry with the highest revenues in the 21st century.  It´s such a diverse industry that can be easily considered the nest for million dollar projects, carried out by highly specialized teams and, on the other hand, for independent proposal as well, developed by smaller teams full of dynamism.

Professional Opportunities

  •  Technology Programmer and Low Level
  •  Gameplay Programmer
  •  Graphic Programmer
  •  Network Administrator and Programmer
  •  Game Designer
  •  Level Designer
  •  Graphic Engine Programmer
  •  Serious Game Programmer focused on Health, Education and Safety
  •  Developer for Videogame Artificial Intelligence
  •  Interactive Applications Developer
 Direct Entry

Any of the following leads to a personal interview in order to be able to study in our School.

  • BUP, FP2, FP medio (middle grade of vocational training)
  • 1st scientific baccalaureate
  • 2nd scientific baccalaureate LOGSE, PAU 25 years old
  • Foreign studies that equals the Spanish baccalaureate
  • CFGS or CFGM – with an overcome CFGS qualifying exam

Vocational Training Courses

  • Students who had already studied a Computer Engineering Degree, can directly accede onto the 2nd Year of Videogames Programming, by passing a personal interview where their CV will be reviewed. Any subject validation concerning Vocational Training Courses will be taken in consideration by our management.

Ability Test

  • Students over 18 years old have two options: have an interview with our admittance department, where a review of their personal project will be carried out, or by submitting a reference letter.

If you have already done any university studies related to our HNDs, do not hesitate to ask us about the possibility of subject validation.

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